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Chemical Reference Standards: Don’t Just Snap and Pour (Part 2)

Several years ago, my colleague, Alan Sensue wrote Chemical Reference Standards; don’t just snap and pour. In it, he described a personal experience where he mixed several expensive reference standards together assuming the vials contained exactly 1 mL. It was a mistake he has remembered for some time. Here are a few other examples as […]

Pro EZGC Library Update: Cannabinoid Neutrals!

Every once in a while, I meet a customer who is interested in analyzing cannabinoids by GC. Before Pro EZGC, these requests were difficult since we could only guess on the resolution and conditions.  Through the power of Pro EZGC and some previously published blogs, I was able to come up with a column and […]

Troubleshooting GC Column Baseline Issues

Every GC analyst experiences baseline issues at some point in their career, whether the baseline is higher than normal, or it contains additional peaks/spikes, or becomes erratic and drifts up and down.  In order to fix the baseline issues you will need to determine the cause.   I hope that the information contained in this post, […]

CBD Infused Beverages: The Recovery Dilemma

The Farm Bill of 2018 has opened a lot of doors in the cannabis industry. The effects are prominent in selection of cannabinoid containing products offered on the market. One such product that is gaining popularity in the industry are CBD infused drinks. These beverages present a unique challenge compared to other matrices because of […]