26th PhD-Student Conference in Hohenroda

Every year since 1990 the Separation Science Working Group, part of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), chairs a platform for PhD Students, working on topics related to Separation  Science. This meeting gives a chance to a good part of these students to improve their capability in presenting their research results to a grand audience, using most modern presentation techniques. The audience is formed by other PhD-Students (this year the conference hosted 134 participants), their Professors and Industry Representatives.

The conference is organized by students of a related working group. This year the students from Prof. Oliver Schmitd’s working group at the University of Duisburg-Essen did an outstanding job in upfront organization, but also in realization. Special thanks to Amela Bronja and Simeon Horst who were the faces of that wonderful Organization Committee.

For the conference venue is located out somewhere in the field, the entire group usually stands together during three days and two evenings, with a lot of chances for networking and scientific or private conversation.

Sponsors and facilities

Sponsors and Facilities

The conference program was divided into several sections (Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Bioanalytics, Capillary Electrophoresis) and saw 26 scientific presentations. It is always exciting to recognize the high quality of the work, provided by the Junior Scientists and their working groups.

The presented topics are a cross section through all topics to be developed with a separation science technique, from Food Fraud (green harvested Ananas vs. freshly harvested Ananas) to Non Target Screenings in surface water or an attempt of a complete description of different Crude Oils, but also showing the trends in hyphenating Chromatography to new Sample Prep techniques, sophisticated detection techniques and miniaturization (HPLC on a chip, Multidimensional Micro-LC) .

Since ten years, Restek is awarding the three best presentations, chosen by the audience. The Student Award is part of our commitment to support young scientists as part of our future. This year, also BGB, the Restek partner in Switzerland and Austria, stepped in with an additional award for the best presentation. All three award winners are on top honored by the Springer publishing house with a book voucher.

Award Winners and Award Sponsors

Award Winners and Award Sponsors

The this year award winners are:

  1. place: Johanna Hoffmann, Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin (WG Pagel). Presentation Title: Identification of Carbohydrate anomers using Ion Mobility Spectrometry
  2. place: Carsten Lotter, University of Leipzig (WG Belder). Presentation Title: HPLC-MS in Glas Chips
  3. place: Tobias Bader, Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung, Langenau (WG Schulz). Presentation Title: Strategies for increasing the reproducibility of Non-Target-Screenings via HPLC-HRMS

Restek Corporation congratulates all winners and all presenters for their outstanding work. The program of the conference can be found here

One additional presentation is always given by a former conference attendee who has now made his way into a job, for most of the conference participants are close to finish their work and are shortly before entering their first job.

So it is not surprising that companies are using this meeting as a recruiting area. Several Job Offerings were presented by Chemical Industry representatives and from considerable Instrument Manufacturers.


Gruppe1 (2)

The attending PhD-Students and guests


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