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Calculating your GC Column Length with the Restek EZGC Method Translator and Flow Calculator

Determining your GC column length is important so that electronic pneumatic control of carrier gas flow is accurate, whether during initial installation of the column or after maintenance column trimming. Otherwise, you can have more flow going into the detector than you think (especially problematic in MS as you might lose sensitivity) or even see […]

Keep up with ChromaBLOGraphy — new subscription option added

I love it when a new post goes up here on ChromaBLOGraphy, because I know I’m going to learn something. The problem is, it’s all too easy to miss something. I’m happy to announce that there are now two ways to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. We give you the options of subscribing […]

Tube Labeling Lab Hack – Stop Squinting at Destroyed Labels!

Centrifuge tubes go through a lot of abuse during extractions. Because of all of this handling, your careful labeling can be lost due to rubbing off in a shaker or centrifuge, or from solvent leakage from the top of the tube. Sometimes if you squint, you can tell what was written on the destroyed labels, […]

QuEChERS Weigh Lab Hack

Use a 150 mL beaker to hold your QuEChERS 50 mL centrifuge tubes for weighing samples out.  Put the spout of the beaker towards your weigh hand (I’m a lefty, as you can tell from the photos), and then allow the tube to set in the spout, which will angle the tube perfectly for your spatula […]