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Chemstation 101: Quickly Update Your Retention Time Windows Using the Run Times Provided by the EZGC Method Translator

Jason, Jack and Michelle have all recently posted on using the EZGC Method Translator. Whether you are changing carrier gasses or performing column trimming maintenance (while maintaining the same elution profile), you can quickly adjust all your compound retention times using the Global Update feature built into MSD ChemStation. The following screenshots show where to […]

Electronic Cigarettes Part III: We’re gonna vape on the EZGC bandwagon.

The title says it all… we’re taking our e-cig method and jumping on the EZGC Method Translator and Flow Calculator bandwagon. Why… well because all the cool kids are doing it. No seriously… to simply reiterate how easy it is to use the Method Translator. In fact, the EZGC Method Translator makes life so easy […]

Using the Restek EZGC Method Translator to Assist in GC Column Trimming Maintenance

It is well known by people who analyze environmental and food safety matrices for semivolatile organic compounds like pesticides and PAHs that you occasionally have to trim the GC column to restore peak shapes degraded by nonvolatile matrix material that builds up on the inlet side of the column.  (As an aside, change that liner and […]

Calculating Splitless Valve Time for Splitless Injection GC with the New EZGC Method Translator and Flow Calculator – Pesticides

Properly setting the splitless valve time (SVT) for splitless injection in gas chromatography (GC) is probably one of the most overlooked optimization parameters for pesticide analysis today.  Having too short of a SVT leads to poor transfer of active and involatile pesticides, especially as the liner becomes contaminated with “dirt” from injected sample extracts.  This […]

Calculating your GC Column Length with the Restek EZGC Method Translator and Flow Calculator

Determining your GC column length is important so that electronic pneumatic control of carrier gas flow is accurate, whether during initial installation of the column or after maintenance column trimming. Otherwise, you can have more flow going into the detector than you think (especially problematic in MS as you might lose sensitivity) or even see […]

Using the Restek EZGC Method Translator and Flow Calculator to Support Shoot-and-Dilute GC Method Development – Going from GC-ECD to GC-MS

Hopefully some of you are following the Shoot-and-Dilute GC work (split injection) we’ve been doing in our lab, as it offers a way to keep your GC systems up longer by reducing the impact of dirty samples on inlet liner and column integrity.  After giving a lecture on the technique at the recent European Pesticide […]

Believe to Achieve: Evaluating the Accuracy of the EZGC™ Chromatogram Modeler

As a new member of the lab, I have been working on expanding the libraries of experimental data that underly our EZGC chromatogram modeling tool. If you have never used the tool before I recommend you give it a try! It is a web based software program which, given a list of compounds, will recommend […]

“I Can’t Drive 55” — The Pure Power of EZGC

Restek’s on-line version of EZGC is a selectivity tool that relies on a pre-loaded library of thermodynamic retention indices. This makes it possible to predict retention times and optimize chromatographic methods without the need to analyze compound sets under many different conditions.  EZGC selects the stationary phase by simultaneously adjusting: film thickness, temperature, column length, […]