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See how the PFAS Delay Column works! Psst.. Do not delay your action, and take a look at this now.

Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) analysis usually requires very low level detection (parts per trillion level) in drinking water. The most common problem we run into is that PFAS are everywhere, including our lab and the very instrument (LC-MS/MS) we use to detect those compounds, so having system-related background interference is very common. There […]

Does your cannabis lab need a Residual Solvents standard? Look no further, friend!

So, we got the news. Cannabis labs and application chemists are sick and tired of residual solvent standards in DMSO. Instead of continuing to offer you something that can be difficult to work with, we put our heads together at Restek to offer you a new RSA standard in N,N-Dimethylacetamide (DMA)! Not only is this […]

An introduction to radiello: a passive, diffusive air sampling badge for VOCs

Today, Restek launched the radiello passive, diffusive air sampling badge for VOCs. Oh… so you do not know what that is. Well then, be sure to check out the following video, which will give you an introduction to radiello: Stay tuned for future blogs featuring how to properly utilize the radiello.

Totally serious analysis of N2O – capillary column selection

A few years ago, Jaap wrote a blog, “Can I analyze NO, N2O and NO2 via GC?”, which received a vast response. If you are just starting to dive into the analysis of N2O, scroll through the blog comments where you can find many valuable insights from our blog readers. What I would like to […]