Hans Mol – plenary talk on instrumental analysis of residues at Isranalytica 2014

Hans Mol (Medium)Aviv Amirav, the Chair of the Day 2 Plenary Session at Isranalytica 2014, introduced Hans Mol from RIKILT in The Netherlands as probably the best residue analysis chemist in the world today, and I can agree with that based on Hans’ body of work.  He gave an excellent lecture, which included work on such diverse platforms as LC-MS/MS, LC-HRMS, and a very new technique, GC-APCI-MS, which shows great promise as a soft ionization technique for GC-MS, with excellent sensitivity for pesticides and environmental contaminants.

In addition to being a brilliant scientist and speaker, Hans is a genuine nice guy with a great sense of humor, completely approachable to discuss his work, or anything else.  It’s been my privilege to learn from him over the years.

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