Simple tips to help your D3606 column set last longer


Years ago, Restek developed a packed column set for ASTM D3606 “Standard Test Method for Determination of Benzene and Toluene in Finished Motor and Aviation Gasoline by Gas Chromatography”.  More specifically, this two column set (catalog number 83606-___) replaces the three column set listed in ASTM D3606-10, “Appendix X1. Resolving Benzene from Ethanol, Section X1.2 Modification A”.

Over the years, many customers have successfully used the columns to separate ethanol, benzene, 2-butanol, and toluene.  They are much more robust than the TCEP columns previously used.  However, in order to obtain the longest lifetimes for this column set, several simple precautions should not be overlooked.


1.  Ultra-high purity carrier gas (helium or nitrogen) is essential.  Not only should the highest quality gas be purchased from your supplier, but high quality indicating gas traps should be located as close to your GC as possible.  Our baseplate traps are ideal for this application.  It is imperative that you keep moisture and oxygen from entering these columns..

2.  Properly set the back-flush time.  I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping C9 and heavier components off of column #2 (the 16ft column)..

3.  Never exceed the maximum temperature of 150°C.  Damage will be irreversible.


By following the three simple steps above, you will obtain the full lifetime of this column set.  If you are experiencing any difficulties using these columns, please review Optimizing the performance of your D3606 column set.

Thanks for reading.

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