Optimizing the performance of your D3606 column set


My previous post “Simple tips to help your D3606 column set last longer” provided several recommendations for maximizing the lifetime of this column set.  In this post, I will provide suggestions to help you reproduce the results of the QA test chromatogram which was included with your column set.


1.  Thoroughly review the included instruction sheet for this column set.

2.  Verify the temperature of your GC oven is 135°C by using an accurate thermometer or digital thermocouple thermometer.  Do not simply rely on the instrument temperature display.

3.  Verify the carrier gas flow rate (of helium or nitrogen) is 20mL/min by using a high quality digital flow meter.  Head pressure will be approximately 65psi.

4.  Carefully follow the instructions listed in ASTM D3606 for setting the correct back-flush time for your particular instrument (approximately 2.4 minutes).

5.  Make sure columns are correctly installed (oriented) to your inlet and valve (see our instruction sheet for details).

6.  Using a high quality electronic leak detector, thoroughly check each connection to verify it is leak-free.



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I hope you have found this information helpful.  If you have any questions, please email us at technical service .

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