Swagelok® and Parker® Tube Fitting Manuals

When asked by customers for what I consider the best reference guides on Swagelok® and Parker® fittings, I send them the following links.  I thought our blog readers may also benefit from these links, so here they are (below).  I hope you find them useful.

Swagelok® Tube Fitter’s Manual

Parker® Instrument Tube Fitting Installation Manual


If you are looking for fittings, we have a large selection for our chromatography customers.

Swagelok® fittings

Parker® fittings


Did you know that you can type in the Swagelok® or Parker® part number into the Search box at the top right of our webpage (shown by the red arrow below) and if we have the item, it will provide you a link under the Products (tab) search result?




For those of you who prefer reviewing printed pages, below are the relevant pages from our previous catalog.



Catalogs from each manufacturer:




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