Maximum temperatures of packed columns – Porous Polymers

We often get asked about the maximum temperature limit of our packed columns, so I decided to write a post series which will provide this information for the majority of the packed columns which we sell.  I thought I would start with the least complicated packed columns, those whose packings are typically not coated with a liquid phase.  These packings include porous polymers.

For this post, I will only be focusing on HayeSep®, Porapak®, and Tenax® packings.  I decided not to include Chromosorb® porous polymers because they are either in short supply, or currently unavailable.

I am going to make the following assumption:  The column’s maximum temperature is limited to the packing, and not the column’s tubing, end plugs, fittings/adaptors and/or ferrules used for installation. If you have a packed column which includes non-metal tubing or end-plugs other than glass wool or metal, email us at .

Please note:  The catalog (part) numbers shown below are just for the packing, and not any packed column.

Keep watching for future posts on maximum temperatures of packed columns.  Thank you.




Porapak 1



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