Maximum temperatures of packed columns – Hydrocarbon Analysis

For my third post in this series, I would like to focus on specialty packed columns for hydrocarbon analysis.  In some cases, the packings in these columns are proprietary, so detailed information cannot be provided.  In other cases, application information may be limited.  However, we can provide maximum temperature limits (see table below).

For other columns used for hydrocarbon analysis, you should be able to find the maximum packing temperature based upon the maximum temperature of the liquid phase(s) and/or the porous polymer(s) in one of the links below.

Maximum temperatures of packed columns – Liquid Phases

Maximum temperatures of packed columns – Porous Polymers

If there is a packed column for hydrocarbon analysis (which is sold by Restek) and not included in this table or in either link above, email us at .  Thank you.


Max Temp

Column and/or Packing


D3606 Column Set


0.19% picric acid on CarboBlack C


23% Rt-1700 on Chromosorb PAW


n-Octane on Res-Sil C


OPN on Res-Sil C


2abc Refinery Gas Column Set


Alumina F-1


Rtx-1 SimDist 2887


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