Restek’s Searchable Chromatogram Database How-To

Jack’s recent mention of “hidden gems” on got me thinking that Restek’s website indeed abounds with cool things that many people might not know about. Jack went mining for treasure at Mponeng; now it’s our turn.

One of the most powerful aspects of the new website is analyte searching, which drives both our chromatogram and reference standards lookups. The key is the way it disambiguates compound names before applying them to your search. You can use the nomenclature you’re familiar with and still find the published chromatogram in our database, even if we listed the peak identifications with a different naming convention.

The search box on our Chromatogram Search page lets you build up your criteria, kind of like making a shopping list. Compounds may be entered one at a time, and you can also enter multiple terms in one shot if you connect them with “and,” as in “anthracene and naphthalene.” As you can see in the screen shot below, it will even try to help you with your spelling. (Some of us are beyond help.)

Watch the instructional video, narrated by my web-development colleague Chris Nelson:

Bonus gem: read Scott’s post about the online calculators!

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