Cross reference lists for GC columns and other useful links

With everyone in such a hurry these days, when you cannot find what you need in a few minutes, how often do you give up and move onto your next project?   I’m the same way, so when I find a way to group commonly referenced information into one convenient area, I usually do it.  Below is one of these areas if you are trying to find the correct Restek column from a description listed in a method or cross reference another manufacturer’s GC column to a Restek column.  I hope it saves you time like it does for me.


GC Column Cross-Reference: Columns by Phase

USP Phase and Support Cross Reference Chart

GC capillary columns for the European Pharmacopoeia methods

1s 5s Waxes Column Cross-Reference Tool

ASTM Petrochemical Method Chromatography Product Guide

Organic Volatile Impurities: Retention Time Index

Can’t find the GC column you are looking for? Try using our Online Tools

Column Selection Poster

Structures for Capillary Column Phases

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