The Chromatography Picture-Show

If you’re caught up on all your favorite shows, might I suggest the Restek Video Library for your next binge. Most of the episodes only run about two minutes, so there are few extraneous subplots. (And, so far, no car chases. Not a single one in over 50 videos! But new episodes are added all the time, so who knows?)

screen shot showing the library and its menu location

The cast is superb, and delivers performances packed with practical wisdom. Their costumes probably won’t dominate the awards, but the concise and helpful info they’re providing outshines such considerations. Also of note is the use of exotic filming locations such as laboratories and even the abstract realm of cyberspace. You feel like you’re right there. The cinematographer’s boldness is most apparent in the unflinchingly informative depictions of the guts of LC and GC instrumentation.

Diverse plotlines offer something for nearly everyone. From the heartbreak of tailing peaks to the triumph of a clean, square cut on a fused silica column, from the thrill of proper LC column storage to the drama of detector lamp replacement, it’s all there. There’s even a very special episode about finding the reference standards that match your requirements.

Although these gems have yet to show up on any of the major streaming services, they’re easy to track down. You can even use your phone and take them into the lab with you. Here’s the hookup:

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