VOC Analysis: O.I. Analytical Nitrogen Purge Gas Application Note with Restek Rtx-624 GC Column

The thought of N2 gas for purge & trap / GC-MS of volatile organic compounds has been around for years. N2 GC carrier gas decreases MS sensitivity and has unfavorable performance for analysis time versus helium. O.I. Analytical found a novel approach to this problem; they use N2 for purge gas and helium as GC carrier gas. The P&T is plumbed through the GC injection port to supply helium carrier. After purging a sample with nitrogen, the trap is desorbed with helium that sweeps volatiles to the GC column; resulting recoveries are comparable to helium purge. If a split is used, “gas saver on” after trap desorption will save additional helium, and that saves money. The O.I. application note provides a plethora of data showing the success of this method for commonly analyzed target compounds using different traps & methods (MS & PID/ELCD). Take a look at this application note and give me a call if you need help selecting supplies.

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