What pesticides have you eaten today?

This was the question asked by Texas middle school student Liesl Krone, and the driver behind her recent (award winning) science fair project. Liesl became interested in food safety after hearing news reports on food quality issues. She loves fruit and wondered if she was consuming pesticides along with beneficial nutrients. To answer that question, Liesl tested the pesticide residue concentrations of a variety of organic and conventionally grown fruits. Liesl’s experiment paired a QuEChERS sample extraction procedure with LC-MS/MS analysis. You can read all about Liesl and her project here: http://www.restek.com/news/view/?p=588 As a scientist and a mother, it is wonderful to see this interest and excellent research from a bright young student!

2 Responses to “What pesticides have you eaten today?”

  1. The linked article says Ms. Krone found a pesticide on imported grapes that isn’t registered for that use in the US. It’s important to note that foods meant for import into the US should follow the same pesticide tolerance guidelines as agricultural commodities grown in the US. Unfortunately, the USDA labs are only able to test a small percentage of imported produce.

  2. Jennifer Krone says:

    Liesl is competing at the State level today. Thank you again Restek for making this project possible!

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