Dilution and cleanup strategies for QuEChERS extracts of food prior to LC-MS/MS… and Tarballs!

If you missed the newly published tour de force piece from Julie Kowalski, check it out here: “Mitigating Matrix Effects: Examination of Dilution, QuEChERS, and Calibration Strategies for LC-MS/MS Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Diverse Food Types.”

Same thing for another excellent article just published by Michelle Misselwitz, “Fingerprinting Crude Oils and Tarballs using Biomarkers and Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography.”

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P.S.  I know at least one person immediately clicked on this blog post after seeing the word “tarballs”, our own Chris English, the Innovations Lab Manager at Restek, who is an extreme tarball aficionado.

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