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Sometimes Peak Defects Are Not the Sign of a Problem

Last month, I demonstrated the feasibility of a 250 µL injection in a split/splitless injection port, using the EPA Method 521 (nitrosamines in drinking water) list. As you can see in the chromatogram below, seven of the eight peaks are nice and symetric. Peak number 2, however, shows exaggerated fronting. N-nitrosomethylethylamine is the only compound on […]

Is there a limit to the volume you can inject into an agilent split/splitless inlet?

Theoretically, the answer is no; the limiting factor of a concurrent solvent recondensation – large volume splitless injection (CSR_LVSI) is the surface area available to support a stable film of recondensed solvent. If you read my previous post, which utilized a 50 µL injection to meet lower detection limits for 1,4-dioxane and various nitrosamines, you may […]

Meet Low ng/L Detection Limits for Volatiles in Drinking Water Using Coconut Charcoal Cartridge SPE and a 50 µL Injection in an Unmodified Agilent Split/Splitless inlet – Find out how at the NEMC Drinking Water Section Thursday Afternoon

  I’ve been working on combining EPA methods 521 and 522 for a while. Both methods use the same SPE cartridge and very similar extraction procedures. In order to meet extremely low PPT detection limits required by 521 on my 7890A-5975C, I had to resort to a 50 µL injection. Generally,a special injection port such […]