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Tailing solvent peak during split injection? Check your column installation distance!

When performing splitless injections, it is not uncommon to witness a tailing solvent peak, given the large amount of solvent introduced onto the column over a relatively long period of time.  For split injections, however, only a small portion of the solvent loads onto the column and it occurs very quickly. This results in a […]

EPRW: European Pesticides Residue Workshop in Sunny Cyprus

                                    Just wanted to let everyone know that we have published our presentations we presented at EPRW (European Pesticide Residue Workshop) last month in Limassol, Cyprus. It was a great meeting in a beautiful location. It was a pleasure to […]

Semivolatiles (including Appendix IX) on the Rxi-5ms by U.S. EPA Method 8270D (Split Injection)

I’ve received multiple requests for 8270 run on the Rxi-5ms in the last month or so, so I decided to put up some run conditions (and the acqmeth text file for those of you who aren’t running masshunter). If you are lucky enough to have a 7890b-5977a and masshunter software, I’ve uploaded zipped method file that […]