A Simple Tip for Quicker Searching

One of the questions that Restek’s Technical Service Group is asked frequently is “how do I find ____ on your website?”

The Restek website contains tens of thousands of products and supporting resources. In the past, my colleagues have written posts on using our online search function and how to use our searchable chromatogram database. In this post, I wanted to share a simple tip for finding information on the website more quickly and easily.

Let’s say you’re searching for plug valve. Go to our web site and enter plug valve into the search box in the upper right corner of the page.

This search will return 82 “Product” and 149 “Resource” hits containing the words plug and/or valve. Wow — that’s quite a few results to sift through…

But – what if you were to surround that search with quotes?

Doing this will narrow the search results to hits containing the term plug valve, rather than just the individual words plug and/or valve. Now, only three “Product” and three “Resource” results show up when you hit “Enter”! Keep in mind, however, that using this method will keep a lot of results from showing up. If your search is too specific or has a spelling error, then the page you want could get filtered out.

This tip also applies to most major search engines. Perhaps you have already used trick on Google? In this case, plug valve vs “plug valve” on Google takes the search from 6,990,000 down to 584,000 hits.

There you have it – a better and faster way to search http://www.restek.com/ for the product(s) or information you need.

I hope this little tip is helpful to you. A special thanks to my colleagues Bradley Pike, Brenda Cogan-Seprish, Chris Nelson, Travis Raup, and Kent Rauch for their valuable help with this post.


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