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Chemistry Nobel Prize 2016

The 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry was jointly awarded today to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir Fraser Stoddart, and Bernard Feringa for their research in supramolecular chemistry, specifically, for the development of molecular machines. These molecular machines use self-assembly, host-guest interactions, and mechanically interlocked molecular architectures to generate nanometer scale mechanical motion in response to an external […]

Analysis of Halogenated Organic Contaminants in Water Using GC-MS and Large Volume Injection

I recently attended the annual meeting of  AOAC International where I presented a poster on adapting EPA method 551.1 to GC-MS by using the CSR-LVSI technique our lab has had so much success with in the past. EPA 551.1 is a dual column GC-ECD method used to measure a wide range of halogenated organic contaminants in drinking […]

It’s All in the Split Vent Trap

Recently I came across a situation where I wanted to make a series of constant flow GC-FID runs, during which, the inlet pressure would increase from 2 to 6 PSI over the temperature program. I also wanted to use split injection with a split ratio of at least 20:1, in this case that translated to a split vent flow of about 150 mL/min. […]

Determination of Chloropropanols in Soy Sauce: Part 1, Enter The Matrix

A while back I was doing some reading and came across an application of GC-MS in food safety that caught my attention. The analysis of food products, specifically soy sauce, for contamination with chloropropanols. So how do chlorinated alcohols end up in food? During the production of a food ingredient known as  hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) various vegetable protein feedstocks […]

Believe to Achieve: Evaluating the Accuracy of the EZGC™ Chromatogram Modeler

As a new member of the lab, I have been working on expanding the libraries of experimental data that underly our EZGC chromatogram modeling tool. If you have never used the tool before I recommend you give it a try! It is a web based software program which, given a list of compounds, will recommend […]