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Column Bleed & Septa Bleed – Same Old Thing!

On a seminar trip I was confronted with describing why septa bleed and column bleed are different. My canned answer is that septa bleed has a base peak of m/z 73 and column bleed has a base peak of m/z 207 and we can prove this with a GC-MS. Keep in mind that both column […]

Leak Checking Your GC: Leak Detector or Pressure Decay?

There are a variety of techniques for making sure your GC system is leak tight. Senior Technical Service Specialist Tom Bloom discusses different approaches for leak checking using leak detectors or a pressure decay test 1. Scott Grossman’s article, “How Much Sensitivity is Needed in a Leak Detector?” demonstrates the sensitivity of the Restek Leak Detector […]

From the Front Lines: Waging War on Bugs.

In 1901 the bacterium Bacillus theringiensis (Bt) was found to be lethal to silkworms and soon after it was introduced as a pesticide for moths (order Lepidoptera). It was not until 1956 that the method of toxicity of this protein was understood by researchers and by 1961 the pesticide was commercially used in the United […]

“I Can’t Drive 55” — The Pure Power of EZGC

Restek’s on-line version of EZGC is a selectivity tool that relies on a pre-loaded library of thermodynamic retention indices. This makes it possible to predict retention times and optimize chromatographic methods without the need to analyze compound sets under many different conditions.  EZGC selects the stationary phase by simultaneously adjusting: film thickness, temperature, column length, […]

Characterization of Gulf Region Tarballs

IXTOC I & Deepwater Horizon both are estimated to have dumped nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the gulf region. In 2011, a year after the Deepwater Horizon spill heavy oil and tar balls were washing up on the beaches of the gulf coast.  Tar near where the IXTOC I oil rig sank can […]

Modified EPA SOP RSK-175 Using a Teledyne Tekmar Purge and Trap Concentrator

The US is in the midst of a “gas” rush from Colorado to New York State. Gas containing shale sites will become common vernacular with names such as, Barnett, Devonian, Marcellus, Utica, Antrim, Haynesville, and New Albany. Several regions have what are known by the energy companies as stacked plays, that is, areas where two […]

ETP Electron Multiplier for your Agilent 5971, 5972, 5973 & 5975 GC/MS

After several technical service calls in the span of only a few days and my own good and bad experiences with electron multipliers I’m prepared to offer you helpful hints for your Agilent 5971, 5972, 5973, & 5975. We first tried out an ETP on the advice of customers and it wasn’t long after that […]

Gulf Oil Spill: Understanding SSRB, SBO, SOM and tarballs.

Decription of SSRB, SBO, SOM tarballs. Applications of tarballs found along the florida coast following the gulf oil spill.

SWAFS: Chromatography of Beer & Urine.

This year Keith Irwin will be attending the Southwest Association of Forensic Scientists (SWAFS) the first week of October to give a presentation on Bath Salts, Synthetic Cannabinoids and he plans on handing out a few cold ones. How does the Innovations laboratory fit into this picture?  First Amanda Rigdon put together over a year’s […]

Is the BP Gulf Oil Well Still Spilling?

On August 18th while collecting ocean water surface samples near Long Beach Mississippi several large oil slicks were discovered. Some of the oil appeared to be partially dispersed and had a distinctive red-frothy texture.1 Other information from the Florida coast reported an increase in oil washing up on shore.2 On August 23rd the Press-Register 3 […]