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Having Trouble With the ACN Shortage? Try MeOH for the Separation of Aldehydes and Ketones by HPLC

Many laboratories are struggling to find alternatives for HPLC separations that use acetonitrile for the organic. While there are other options, it can become difficult to find the right conditions, and method revalidation might also be required. The automotive industry commonly performs the analysis of DNPH-aldehydes and ketones using a custom-designed HPLC Column (Restek Allure-AK), […]

Not QuEChERS but MeCl2, Ace!

Ok, I admit having to put the “l” on the chlorine makes the headline even more obtuse than Jack’s, but I have seen split peaks too when faced with sample extracts that contain a 2-solvent system. This was analyzing semivolatile soil extracts which had not been reduced in volume low enough to get a solvent […]