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ACIL offers A Comprehensive Solution to Environmental Laboratory Accreditation in the US to Help States Relieve Economic Burden

I recently attended a Mid-Winter meeting of the American Council of Independent Laboratories’, (ACIL) Environmental Science Section (ESS) in Arlington, Virginia on March 29th. One of the sessions during this meeting was focused on presenting a comprehensive solution to the current US environmental laboratory accreditation process to US EPA representatives.  This session was attended by EPA representatives from […]

ACIL Mid-Winter Meeting Offers Powerful Agenda focused on Environmental Laboratory Industry Testing Initiatives

The American Council of Independent Laboratories recently released its agenda for its mid-winter meeting and if you own, run, or work for an environmental laboratory you may want to attend this meeting. The Environmental Sciences Section (ESS) of the ACIL has a powerful agenda planned for the upcoming meeting on March 29th in Arlington, VA, […]

Seven EPA Methods – One GC Column Pair! Are You Serious?

As I’ve been traveling around talking with environmental chemists I’ve heard them say more than once: “Why can’t there be just one GC column set that will work for a whole bunch of methods instead of having to change columns to run a variety of methods?” Changing columns can be time-consuming and frustrating for a […]