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QuEChERS 3 part series…almost

OK…so only the first two articles are done but I just finished the third article and it will be published in Separation Science in August. This series was interesting to write because I was able to spend time focusing both on QuEChERS fundamentals and exploring the evolution of this approach. The official methods and method […]

No Prescription Needed: Pharmaceuticals in Your Supplements

There are many fake products out there including foods like “virgin” olive oil, honey and branded liquor. I hear a lot about these because my work focuses on food and food safety. Food fraud seems to be on the rise…at the very least governments and researchers are devoting more resources to finding and tracking incidents. […]

I ain’t feelin’ the blues today…St Louis Metabolomics Symposium

I just returned from the St Louis Metabolomics Symposium that was held earlier this week. The event was sponsored by LECO, AB SCIEX, Gerstel, Monsanto and Restek. Metabolomics is the study of the small molecules or metabolites resulting from specific cellular processes. The idea is that metabolite profiles can help reveal biological processes including disease […]

Who cut the cheese…and PCBs?

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are organochlorine compounds having a double ring structure where one to ten chlorine atoms are substituted. At one time, these compounds where used as coolant fluids and in various products like electronics, paints and adhesives. These compounds are considered toxic because they have been linked to carcinogenic and mutagenic biological changes. Because […]

the wait is over…our new GC-MS/MS is here!

Boy, am I excited! I have been lucky in my career. I have used many different chromatography techniques…both GC and LC…and used many different types of detectors. I have to be honest, I love mass spectrometers and I try to spend most of my time using one. I have spent some time working with LC-MS/MS […]

Contamination and Troubleshooting: “Jack, did that really happen?”

I had to blog on this because this just happened again to my colleague Jack last week! Occasionally, a loose spring will make it into a limited volume insert. If overlooked, sample is loaded into this insert. As the spring soaks in the sample, a significant background signal can result. The green chromatogram trace shows […]

Potions, Lotions and Labels…Oh my!

Like a lot of women, I have a bathroom full of lotions, perfumes and other potions. Many of these products contain natural ingredients like botanicals and essential oils. Not all things from Mother Nature are safe (I guess she can have a temper!) and consumers are becoming wise to this. The FDA is cracking down […]

i bought a pair of shoes with triclosan…and my feet still smell

What is triclosan? Triclosan is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial compound first used in the health care industry (1970s). Triclosan is everywhere, added to many products like soaps, deodorants, toothpastes, cosmetics, fabrics, plastics, toys and other products. Why all the concern? Mounting concern over the widespread use of triclosan stems from several reasons including: disruption of normal […]

ezGC really IS cool!

My officemate, Michelle, was working on a volatiles analysis using method development software called Pro ezGC. Typically, I try to optimize methods by spending time in the lab running variations on a method. At the time, I was analyzing fragrance allergens, trying to achieve resolution but keep my analysis time similar to a published IFRA […]