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The Chromatography Picture-Show

If you’re caught up on all your favorite shows, might I suggest the Restek Video Library for your next binge. Most of the episodes only run about two minutes, so there are few extraneous subplots. (And, so far, no car chases. Not a single one in over 50 videos! But new episodes are added all […]

Finding Reference Standards Just Got a Lot Easier

The range of reference standards available from Restek is very wide, which is great. But finding a particular formulation among all those options can be a challenge. And, let’s face it, filling out a form to inquire about a custom mix can be a pain in the neck. That’s why we built our new Reference […]

Keep up with ChromaBLOGraphy — new subscription option added

I love it when a new post goes up here on ChromaBLOGraphy, because I know I’m going to learn something. The problem is, it’s all too easy to miss something. I’m happy to announce that there are now two ways to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. We give you the options of subscribing […]

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Urine Flavor Wheels

The diagnostic technology available to physicians has changed a great deal over the centuries, to the benefit of their patients and often making their own jobs more pleasant as well. From medieval times up through the nineteenth century, doctors relied on their own senses — notably the sense of taste — to assess urine samples. […]

How Cool is PFTBA: Tuning Your MS in the Challenger Deep

Not only is perfluorotributylamine a perennial favorite for tuning mass spectrometers, it looks like the flux capacitor! But that’s not all. Perfluorocarbons (PFCs), including PFTBA, are used in blood substitutes. Severe blood loss compromises circulation, an effect that can be countered through volume-replacement therapy. However, circulation does the patient little good if what’s in the […]

Even the Honey Badger cares about food authenticity

It was recently reported in Food Safety News that the majority of “honey” sold in the United States is not technically honey, because it’s been ultra-filtered to remove all of the pollen. Maybe the honey badger doesn’t really care, but consumers should. Pollen is an essential constituent of authentic honey, and is not effectively removed […]

Join the Coalition and Strike a Blow for Resolution!

The Coalition Against Coelution (CAC) stands for One Compound, One Peak, regardless of class. Speak out about the critical separations that matter most to you, and the tools you use to overthrow the oppressor of coelution. We’ve already looked at GC column parameters, serially-connected LC columns, and a software tool (hey Jack, what about EZ […]

Restek’s Searchable Chromatogram Database How-To

Jack’s recent mention of “hidden gems” on got me thinking that Restek’s website indeed abounds with cool things that many people might not know about. Jack went mining for treasure at Mponeng; now it’s our turn. One of the most powerful aspects of the new website is analyte searching, which drives both our chromatogram […]

CSI-Type Shows: Their Lab Work is a Crime

My second-biggest* pet peeve about TV shows is the unrealistic depiction of lab technology, which seems to be almost a requirement on any show dealing with criminal investigations. There are two subcategories. On the one hand there’s ridiculous made-up stuff, which is really only a problem if the show isn’t sci-fi (so, almost always). Futuristic […]