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A Simple Tip for Quicker Searching

One of the questions that Restek’s Technical Service Group is asked frequently is “how do I find ____ on your website?” The Restek website contains tens of thousands of products and supporting resources. In the past, my colleagues have written posts on using our online search function and how to use our searchable chromatogram database. […]

How do I order a dip tube?

  A dip tube (also known as an outage tube) provides vapor space above liquefied gases in a sampling cylinder so that if expansion occurs with an increase in temperature, the pressure is not significantly increased. Basically, the length of the dip tube is used to determine the filling capacity of the cylinder. Outage is expressed as […]

My GC capillary column was not sealed when I received it!

Traditionally, GC capillary column manufacturers have used several different methods to seal their products while in transit and storage. These sealing options include septa, silicone plugs, flame sealing, and press-fit caps.   I’m not going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these various approaches in this post. However, what I would like to address […]

What is the maximum temperature of a GC capillary column and why is it important?

This post will briefly address this question and provide some general information and guidelines to help you better understand the significance of capillary GC columns maximum temperatures (“max temps”). Capillary column manufacturers will typically use a combination of historical or statistical data and industry norms to determine realistic and optimal maximum operating temperatures for columns […]

“How Long Will a GC Column Last?”

Once of the most common questions in technical support is “how long will my GC column last” or perhaps “what is a typical lifetime for a GC column.” Unfortunately, these are very difficult questions for which there are no definitive answers. Why? Because column lifetime always depends on a wide range of variables such as… […]

Why Leak Check Your GC System?

All too often, analysts tell us “I’m sure I don’t have any leaks in my GC system.” But what tool will allow you to be confident that your analytical system truly is leak free? We strongly encourage every analyst to incorporate electronic leak detection into their daily routine, to improve analytical performance, minimize troubleshooting, and […]