Cannabis Residual Solvent Method Development Made Easy with Free Modeling Software

In a typical cannabis testing laboratory, finding time and resources to improve or develop methods can be scarce.  Even in our own applications group, finding time to “quickly” generate data can be a challenge with multiple projects taking place at the same time.  However, there’s a tool that can help make this process more efficient and alleviate some of the burdens that you might encounter during this process.

Recently, I received an external inquiry regarding our Cannabis Residual Solvent Mix #1 (cat.# 34105).  During the email conversation, I shared a chromatogram and method which Colton developed last year.

After sharing the method, I was asked if we offered a standard for ethylene oxide and had any supporting chromatograms using the same conditions above to show where the compound eluted since our customer wanted to develop a method for California’s residual solvents list.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have this chromatogram.  To make things worse the instrument needed to generate the chromatogram was running samples for another project.  Yet, within minutes of Colton informing me of this news, he generated a model chromatogram containing ethylene oxide using his run conditions.


How was this possible?!?!  We have Pro EZGC® Chromatogram Modeler to thank for this!  This free program allows users to spend a little time in the office to save a lot of time in the lab.  To find out more about EZGC, check out Chris English’s post “I Can’t Drive 55” – The Pure Power of EZGC.

And thanks to Colton’s quick thinking we were able to answer our customer’s questions in less than a day.  So the next time you’re planning to modify a method or develop a new one, use the Restek Pro EZGC® Chromatogram Modeler to help you get started!

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  1. Kurt says:

    Great article. it is very informative. I am glad to read your article.

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