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The eVol – Investigating a Liquid Handling Tool to Improve Consistency and Reliability for Calibrations

We’re taking you to Austin, Texas to meet the amazing team at Santé Laboratories for this investigation! This project, led by the analytical team at Sante Laboratories, put the eVol in use and compared it to standard pipetting techniques in the generation of analytical calibration curves. Wait….what? You might be thinking to yourself….What’s an eVol? […]

LC Preventative Maintenance Tips and Tricks – The UltraShield

We’re providing a creative trick for extending guard cartridges and column lifetimes.  This preventative maintenance consumable also acts as a handy troubleshooting tool for problematic back pressure readings.  Drum roll….The UltraShield! Normally, the UltraShield is used as an affordable UHPLC pre-column filter and takes the place of a guard column.  These filters have minimal […]

Terpene Analysis Approaches – Part II

Welcome back my fragrance fanatics! Today, we continue exploring approaches for analyzing terpenes. If you missed part one, you can get caught up here! Last time, we discussed two HS approaches that just flat out stunk! So, it’s time to make some adjusts. The first thing to check was the way our samples were prepared. […]

Using Raptor ARC-18 for a Rapid Analysis of Vitamin E Acetate

We recently took a look at combining Vitamin E Acetate and cannabinoids into one method  This route allows labs to diversify their testing services with a few simple modifications, if using our potency method.  We wanted to give labs another option as well.  Therefore, Justin Steimling went back into the lab and developed a […]

A Quick Look at Vitamin E Acetate Screening on the Raptor ARC-18

  There’s been a lot of focused on vaping crisis and the potential culprit causing dozens of deaths in the United States.  The CDC believes Vitamin E Acetate might be the common linker in these cases.  Vitamin E derived oils are sometimes used as a thickening agent or to dilute THC and increase profits.1 Normally, […]

Custom Solutions for Your Cannabis Testing Needs

If you’re a cannabis testing lab or manufacturer, you’re probably familiar with the current reference standards available on the market.  However, these off the shelf solutions might not fit your workflow needs.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an option to dial in your ideal references standards to meet your daily testing tasks? Well…Restek’s custom […]

Terpene Analysis Approaches – Part I

Welcome to the newest blog series that totally stinks! In this series we’re going to look at different approaches for analyzing terpenes in cannabis. To quickly brief those who may not be familiar with terpenes, this class of compounds is responsible for many of the flavors and aromas in cannabis. Not only are cannabis growers […]

Pro EZGC Terpene Libraries Update

Whether you’re doing testing for cannabis, hops, or other food and fragrance analysis, you probably have an interest in terpenes. Now, to help out with that analysis we’ve updated our Pro EZGC libraries with 60 terpenes and terpenoids for the Rxi-17 and Rtx-200 columns. Compound CAS# Compound CAS# alpha-Pinene 80-56-8 Menthone 89-80-5 Isovaleric acid 503-74-2 […]

Cannabis Residual Solvent Method Development Made Easy with Free Modeling Software

In a typical cannabis testing laboratory, finding time and resources to improve or develop methods can be scarce.  Even in our own applications group, finding time to “quickly” generate data can be a challenge with multiple projects taking place at the same time.  However, there’s a tool that can help make this process more efficient […]

Does your cannabis lab need a Residual Solvents standard? Look no further, friend!

So, we got the news. Cannabis labs and application chemists are sick and tired of residual solvent standards in DMSO. Instead of continuing to offer you something that can be difficult to work with, we put our heads together at Restek to offer you a new RSA standard in N,N-Dimethylacetamide (DMA)! Not only is this […]