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Analysis of noble and permanent gases on adsorbent columns

Predicting selectivity characteristics of adsorbent columns is often a wild guess. Yes, we know argon will have less retention than krypton, but how well do adsorbent columns separate noble gases from permanent gases? Can neon and hydrogen be resolved using a porous polymer column or do we have to use more retentive columns, like Molecular […]

Join the Coalition and Strike a Blow for Resolution!

The Coalition Against Coelution (CAC) stands for One Compound, One Peak, regardless of class. Speak out about the critical separations that matter most to you, and the tools you use to overthrow the oppressor of coelution. We’ve already looked at GC column parameters, serially-connected LC columns, and a software tool (hey Jack, what about EZ […]

Jonathan Keim becomes Jonathan Chime at the Florida Pesticide Residue Workshop

Restek Sample Preparation Product Manager, Jonathan Keim, was assigned one of the most important jobs at the 47th Florida Pesticide Residue Workshop, that of xylophone artiste’ to alert conferees who are visiting exhibitors and posters at coffee break to return to the starting Technical Session.  He got the hang of it quickly and his “Smoke […]

Restek Icon Dr. Frank Dorman moves into a new career in education

Last symposium in Rival del Garda, Italy, we had the opportunity to say good bye to a mutual friend and well respected colleague, Frank Dorman.  Frank has been working for a long time at Restek corporation and was the roots for developing highly selective stationary phases for GC and LC using modeling techniques. After the […]

The Human Element

My last two posts have taken us through a couple of topics. Let’s review. First, we welcomed element 112, which was recently christened Copernicium. Then, we pondered the question of why the discoverers couldn’t give it the atomic symbol “Cp.” The answer was that it was already taken by the mysterious element Cassiopeium. Well, as […]

The Human Element continued…

You’ll note in the picture associated with the post “The Human Element” there was a continuation of the image. I post it here for those interested in seeing the rest of the story… P.S. The “Welcome to Innovations” was already there. :)


Looking back into the commercialization of chromatography, there always have been attempts made to visualize “typical” GC phenomena/challenges via a cartoon. Even “toons” were generated in the form of “elves” (J&W), “wizards” (Restek), “Chrompie” (CP). It’s a nice way to focus on a certain issue and to get the user’s attention so he/she realizes that […]

A Chromatographic Odyssey! Your Data is the Epic of the Passage of Molecules

Move over Homer. Your data is the story of an analyte’s odyssey through the chromatograph, and it’s a compelling one! Consider 100 pg of DDT. That mass is tiny, but it produces a big signal on an ECD. But how many molecules of DDT would that mass amount to? It’s roughly 170 billion molecules! That’s […]