Choosing a guard cartridge holder for LC

If you need help choosing one of the Trident guard cartridge holders, check out our information found in the HPLC and UHPLC FAQs section of our website. The FAQs contain a lot of good information and are often overlooked. For most of our columns we prefer the Trident Direct Guard holder system, because of its low dead volume and ease of use.






Cat.# 27472 (for 10 mm guard cartridge, use with no cap frit)






Cat.# 27474 (for 10 mm guard cartridge, use with cap frit, 4 mm 2 µm cap frit included)


Also, we have a video available in our library for this topic. Be sure to check out “Using your Trident LC Guard Column Protection System”.


If you are using our ROC™ columns, you will get best results by using them with our ROC guard column holder, catalog #25812:



If you are using one of our Raptor™ columns or one of our new Force™ columns (in 3 um or 5 um) you are in luck!  You can use our EXP Direct Connect Holders , catalog #25808, with either the Raptor EXP Guard Column Cartridges or Force EXP Guard Column Cartridges.

For these, you simply choose the guard cartridge that matches the ID of your column and you’re good to go!  There is only one cartridge holder size, so we have kept it simple.



Cat.# 25808


You may ask if you can use a this Direct Connect Holder with one of our types of columns (such as ROC, Ultra, Pinnacle DB or Viva)?  We are sorry, but these are made to use exclusively with the Raptor™ and Force™ columns and not with the others at this time. We also do not recommend combining any of our guard cartridges with dissimilar column phases from other vendors. For more information about matching similar phases, please read the FAQ.

We have a video in our library available for this topic. Be sure to check out “Using Your EXP LC Guard Column Protection System”.


I hope this quick note will help guide you if you’re having trouble. Feel free to contact Technical Services if you need more assistance.


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