Drug Screening can be a Big Pain

I have the privilege of working with a number of talented people here at Restek and when I approached Sharon Lupo about a project last year known affectionately as “The Big Pain” I wasn’t sure how successful she could be.

Think about it: Opioids, Barbiturates, Anti-Depressants, Anti-Epileptics, Hallucinogens, etc. all have vastly different chemical make-ups.  How else would they be able to treat the variety of ailments they do, or be able to be abused the way they are?  The challenge is not only in the chromatography, but in speed of analysis and detection as well.

With lots of resourcefulness, help from her co-workers, and me mostly staying out of the way, a very comprehensive screening method was developed along with class specific analyses as well.  231 compounds, across ten classes, with detection in ESI(+) and ESI(-), were screened in 10 minutes.  Optimized conditions for all the classes have also been completed.  So whether you are looking for morphine or PCP, MDMA or THC, we have a method for you.

Sharon isn’t able to attend MSACL 2015 this year, but be sure to check out our presentation of her work at our Monday morning workshop, March 30th, which covers all aspects of this challenging project.




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