Easy Peasy: Optimized LC-QTRAP Method for Pesticide Residues

LCQTRAP Despite what is sometimes advertised, setting up optimized methods for multiresidue pesticide analysis is typically not “easy peasy” and can be quite time consuming. Luckily, some colleagues are willing to share their method with us.

Thank you Kelli, James, and Jon!*

The downloadable spreadsheet contains retention times, transitions, ionization and collision parameters for our LC Multiresidue Pesticide Kit. The work used a Waters Acquity LC and an AB SCIEX QTRAP® 5500 LC/MS/MS system. Analysis conditions are listed on the last tab. The column used was an Ultra Aqueous C18 (cat# 9178312).

Although conditions may vary on different instruments, this information will dramatically shortcut your own method development. A similar spreadsheet using an LC-QQQ can be found here (see 5th bullet point).


*Kelli Sikorski, PhD, James Wittenberg, PhD, Jon Wong, PhD



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