ezGC really IS cool!

My officemate, Michelle, was working on a volatiles analysis using method development software called Pro ezGC. Typically, I try to optimize methods by spending time in the lab running variations on a method. At the time, I was analyzing fragrance allergens, trying to achieve resolution but keep my analysis time similar to a published IFRA method. The IFRA method works well, but I had an expanded compound list and, of course, this caused coelutions. After running a bunch of method variations, I thought, why not try Pro ezGC? It only added two runs to my queue, so no big time investment. In the end, the best method came from Pro ezGC. It cost me two runs; all I had to do was input retention times into Pro ezGC and calculate the results. I was delighted that Pro ezGC was able to provide me with a method that met all of my criteria. I will definitely use Pro ezGC again! ….instead of running so many variations costing instrument time, analysis time and a little frustration.

Further reading: look at Pro ezGC! And take EZGC for a spin online.

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