Finding Reference Standards Just Got a Lot Easier

The range of reference standards available from Restek is very wide, which is great. But finding a particular formulation among all those options can be a challenge. And, let’s face it, filling out a form to inquire about a custom mix can be a pain in the neck.

That’s why we built our new Reference Standards — Search, Select, and Custom Request tool.

We know it’s all about the compounds, so we’ve done a lot to make specifying them easy. The input mechanism verifies compound names and looks up the CAS numbers for you. Better yet, you can paste in whole lists and enter your compounds in bulk.


Paste your compound list into the box, with or without CAS numbers and concentrations.


The system automatically verifies each item. Any unknowns will appear at the top of the list.

Once you’ve told us your compounds, our new tool will suggest catalog products that might meet your needs. The matching components in each suggested mix are highlighted in bold. Easily move products back and forth to pick what works best for you.


Click product suggestions to move them over. A new set of suggestions will appear, reflecting the remaining compounds.


Click chosen products to remove them and put their compounds back into the search.

If you choose to add one or more of the suggested products to your cart, their compounds are filtered out of the list. Any remaining compounds pass through to be requested as a custom. And you always have total freedom to disregard the product suggestions and send our chemists your entire list.


Save yourself time and effort sourcing reference standards from Restek!


2 Responses to “Finding Reference Standards Just Got a Lot Easier”

  1. Alexandra Torres says:

    Hi Kent,

    I found pretty useful this tool, and I could find some standars I require for GC-FID analysis; however, if I need some kit (in my case, a serie of n-alkanes C21-C36), how can I search for it? I have to type the whole list of each compund name or there is a standar that contains the serie? How can I find it?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  2. Kent Rauch says:

    Hi, Alexandra. Thanks for the great question.

    The new tool lets you type directly into the “paste a list” box. In a case such as n-alkanes, that would be relatively quick to do. Quicker than adding them one at a time, certainly. A wide variety of nomenclature is supported, so for example, shorthand like “c21” is equivalent to “heneicosane” (and much easier to type).

    Another option in a case like this would be to use our website’s main search box to look for “n-alkanes”. In addition to products, that will also show you literature and chromatograms related to your search term.

    By the way, I’ve just done both of those things and none of the products I saw contained that hydrocarbon range in its entirety. Without having more information about the application, I can’t say whether the catalog offerings we do have would satisfy your needs. If not, then a custom standard might be your best solution.

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