Great Internal Standards for Pesticide Residues…SRMs too!

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In just about all of my pesticide residue work, I use a convenient multicomponent internal standard mix that contains several PCBs as well as popular internal standard compound triphenylphosphate. The mix contains the six compounds in the chromatogram below. I have been working on a method for our GC Multiresidue Pesticides Kit which has about 200 compounds. We will be publishing the method…retention times and SRMs soon!

I am just about to put the kit into action with some citrus and celery samples. Luckily, I realized I had forgotten to add my internal standards to my method. I have provided a downloadable spreadsheet with run conditions and optimized SRM transitions for the six internal standard compounds. I hope this helps shortcut your own method development.

GCMS IS Mix cgram

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