Have there been any new applications developed for Diquat and Paraquat?

I am happy to answer “yes” to this question. Those of you who have been doing this analysis might have been using our Ultra Quat column that I talked about in an earlier blog post here, “I have an Ultra Quat column and I know how to use it…”


This updated method uses the Raptor HILIC-Si, which is a newer product we are excited to have. Here is what the application looks like:



We are pleased with this application, particularly since it does not require any ion pairing agents or chaotropic salts. The mobile phase modifiers are very common ones that most labs will have on hand and extended equilibration times are not needed (as compared to NaPF6 or Heptafluorobutyric acid). The run time is short and sweet.  :-)

Here is a link to the product information for the column we used:



I hope you find this post helpful and thanks for reading.

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