I’ll stop the autosampler and melt the LVI with you…

Another interesting story involving Jack and limited volume inserts (LVI)….

see the first…


melted LVI single_v3

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2 Responses to “I’ll stop the autosampler and melt the LVI with you…”

  1. Dear Team Restek –

    The “syringe carrier rod with spring” is click-mounted in the ALS tower and must be removed completely for proper cleaning. It is easily done. Use a tissue for cleaning along the rod, from bottom to top. Never use solvents. Check that the brass piece on the rod is gliding smootly, when the rod is mounted in the ALS tower again. In my lab we clean the syringe carrier rod every month. And never add grease to the rod….-:)

    With kind regards –
    Lars Kurstein, Copenhagen

  2. thank you for the great advice!
    Do you know how the rod gets dirty? We don’t have an answer for where the material is coming from…

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