♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Keep Em Separated Rtx-VMS: Fluorobenzene & TCE

Reminds me of the group Offspring–Your VMS should be fast–but a few of you speed demons have gone crazy with your columns and squeezed trichloroethene (TCE) & fluorobenzene (FLB) together–Since quant ions for these two are m/z 95 & 96, respectively, and both have minor ions of m/z 96 & 95, respectively, there is trouble brewing. If you are using FLB for an IS & have TCE as a target you may have a 50X concentration difference in your calibration curve – that’s where the real trouble starts. EPA 8260B allows for FLB to be an IS or SS. Even worse, 524.2 calls for FLB as the only internal standard. Contribution of m/z 96 from TCE can artificially inflate the values of FLB, which results in artificially low recoveries of your targets. An unstable MS tune can incorporate m/z 97 from TCE to further complicate matters. The attachment shows 1 ppb TCE & 50 ppb FLB on Rtx-VMS. Minimize tailing & follow our conditions (see catalog) and you will be doing your part to Keep ‘Em Separated…

Further reading: Volatile Technical Guide

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