Leak-Free Connections with Press Tight / Press Fit Using an MS?

Press Tight connectors are used for many non-MS GC-applications. Issues are encountered when using MS or PDD. These detectors are excellent leak-detectors and because of possible damage/activation of detector and column, few people use them.

Some solutions have been reported that “wetting” the fused silica with a solvent (methanol/C6) prior to coupling, will make the connection seal well enough for MS application. Others have good luck using the polyimide-gluing solutions.

Like to invite comments if a universal procedure for this type of coupling for MS exists.

Whatever solution you use, it all starts with a proper cut of the fused silica, which still seems to be a challenge for many. We need a good 90 degree cut of the capillary for best chance on success. Use a ceramic wafer and slide it along your nail, see fig.

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