Looking for a Cryogenic Valve for your Shimadzu GC-MS?

I was working on a project for volatile sulfur analysis. It took so long to cool the GC oven to 30 °C, and yet the most volatile analytes were still difficult to separate. At that time, I realized that I needed a cryogenic cooling system for my Shimadzu GC-MS QP2010 plus!

However, I was not as excited as expected when I received this CRG-2010 N2 part. The CRG is designed to be installed to the left side of GC where my MS is located (see the picture below). Trade the CRG for MS? That would not work for me.

manual pic

With the help of my colleagues, Becca and Corby, we decided to attach the CRG to the top of the GC, which turned out to be even better, because it is closer to the electronic board and it has a shorter route to the nitrogen tank too (see picture 1).

The installation can be as simple as these 5 steps:

pic 1 4

  1. Introduce the nozzle into the oven by piercing through the top insulation and then connect the copper extension tubing into the oven (picture 2 and 3).
  2. Mount the side plate of the valve to the top board of the instrument (you may need to drill a hole for screw).
  3. Plug the cable into the side electronic board (picture 4).
  4. Connect the nitrogen tank to the valve.
  5. Assemble the outer box.











If you don’t have other detectors (like the FPD that I have installed), the back position is another good option. In this case, you don’t need to drill hole for screw (Picture 2).

One Response to “Looking for a Cryogenic Valve for your Shimadzu GC-MS?”

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi I have been considering getting a cryochiller for 1 and possibly multiple of my lab’s shimadzu QP2020Plus GCMS units. This seems like a very useful tool and install guide. Is there any chance I could get some more information as well as pictures of the install? Id be interested to see where the N2 leaves the oven at, I cant quite tell from your pictures. Thanks for your time.

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