Looking for a quote for a GC custom packed column?

To check to see if we can manufacture a custom packed column, you will need to complete the form found in the link below. If we can manufacture the column, you will automatically receive a quote for it.  If not, customer service will inform you and let you know why.

Custom Packed/Micropacked Column Request Form


Prior to filling out the form, you may wish to review:

Things to Consider Before Ordering a Packed Column

Think twice before purchasing a 3/16” OD packed column


You may also find these links helpful:

ChromaBLOGraphy (Packed Columns)

Packed & Micropacked Columns FAQ


So how do you know if a certain column will be a custom product for us? The simple answer, in most cases, is that if we do not list it on the website or in the catalog, it’s likely a custom product. As an alternative to using the website to search for a packed column, I have attached a pdf of the packed column section from our catalog (see link below) for your convenience.  I hope you find it useful, but always check the Restek website for the most current packed & micropacked column listings.  Thank you.

Packed Column Catalog (Please note this is a 8MB file and it may take a minute or two to download)


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