Need help finding the correct ferrule to install your GC column? Part 4: Thermo Scientific GCs

You’re ready to install a column into your GC and realize you do not have the correct ferrules. Which ferrule do you choose?  The parameters to consider when choosing the correct ferrule are instrument make and model, nut size and type, ferrule material, and column ID.  A visit to our ferrules home page will provide a general overview of various ferrules offered by Restek.  By navigating the page, you can narrow the selection by choosing these parameters. This post will cover Thermo Scientific GC options and tips.

Capillary Columns:                                                                

Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra and Focus GC split/splitless injection ports and detectors use adaptors (pictured below) to install capillary columns. Restek sells both Thermo Scientific style and compression style adaptors.

Thermo Scientific style fittings use M4 style ferrules and specific capillary column fixing nuts. These are compatible with the following Thermo Scientific injectors; Spilt/Splitless, PTV, and Purged Packed.

Thermodet           Thermoinlet             M4Ferrules                  Thermonut

Detector Adaptors                  Inlet Adaptors                M4 Graphite Ferrules         Capillary Column Fixing Nut

Restek Compression style alternative adaptors for Split/Splitless injection ports use standard 1/16 inch compression ferrules and nuts.

Restekdet               Restekinlet                 ferlies                     nut

Detector Adaptors                 Inlet Adaptors                           Graphite Ferrules                   Capillary Column Nut

Please see part 1 of this series for tables of ferrule size versus column ID and ferrule material choices.


Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300/1310 GCs use ferrules that are slightly shorter than standard ferrules. If you use standard size ferrules, you would need to pre-crush them before inserting them into the inlet. Currently Restek does not have the correct size ferrules for these GCs.


Packed Columns

Before you begin, make sure you have the correct size packed column adaptor installed in the GC. Restek does not sell these adaptors, you would need to obtain them from Thermo Scientific. Once that has been established, all that is reqiuired to install a packed column is the correct size compression nut and standard ferrule.

Stay tuned for my final post in this series on Shimadzu ferrules.




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