Need some help in choosing the correct gas regulator?

I have talked to many customers recently who asked for some help in choosing a gas regulator.  As a result, I decided to write this post which will specify what you need to know and how to locate the product you need.   Please note that this post will only focus on regulators designed to be used with laboratory gas cylinders/tanks which use CGA* fittings.

* = Compressed Gas Association



So what do you need to know before choosing a Restek regulator?


1.  CGA Fittings

Just knowing which gas you need to regulate is often not enough.  For example, compressed air cylinders/tanks can have multiple CGA fittings, including 346, 347, 590, and 702.  Restek only sells regulators with CGA 590.  To read more about CGA fittings and their associated gases, please review the following chart.   CGA selection charts


2.  Incoming gas pressure

Always check that the regulator is able to handle the expected inlet pressure.  Restek regulators are capable of handling 3000psi (inlet gauge displays 0 – 4000psi).


3.  Exiting gas pressure required

What pressure is needed for your instrument or equipment?  Many Restek regulators are designed for a maximum outlet pressure of 150psi (outlet gauge displays 30″ – 200psi).


4.  Regulator material

Regulators from Restek are available in Chrome-Plated Brass, Stainless Steel or Silcosteel®.

Chrome-Plated Brass is usually chosen because of its lower cost, and stainless steel because of its resistance to corrosive gases.  Silcosteel® adds extra protection and inertness to stainless steel.  If you are uncertain which material (chrome-plated brass or stainless steel) you should choose, check out the links below.

Pure Gas Compatibility Chart  (Pink blocks = compatible)

Mixed Gas Compatibility Chart  (Red dots = compatible)


5.  Dual-Stage or Single Stage.

A dual-stage regulator is used when the outlet pressure needs to be very consistent.  You can use a single-stage regulator if the output pressure can vary somewhat.  To read more about dual-stage vs. single-stage and other regulator topics, please review How to choose a regulator


Once you know the answers to the questions above, you can start looking for a regulator which will meet your needs.  Below are links which will take you directly to the products on our website.

Dual-Stage Chrome-Plated Brass              Dual-Stage Stainless Steel

Single-Stage Chrome-Plated Brass           Single-Stage Stainless Steel

Dual-Stage & Single-Stage Silcosteel®



Please Note:  All of our regulators are designed to connect to 1/4 inch OD (outside diameter) tubing.  If you plan to connect 1/8 inch tubing, please read my post How to connect 1/8 inch tubing to a Restek gas regulator.

If you are looking for an Inline Regulator, please read  Don’t forget the end fittings when you purchase an inline gas regulator

If we do not offer a regulator which meets your specifications, we may be able to provide you with a custom product.  Please complete and submit our Custom Ultra-High Purity Gas Regulator Quote Form.

General FAQs

I hope you have found this post helpful in choosing the correct regulator for your laboratory gas cylinders/tanks.  Thanks for reading.

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