PAHs in PrAHa (PrAgue, CzecH Republic) at RAFA

I must have been thinking about my Rxi-PAH GC column lecture at the Recent Advances in Food Analysis meeting as I strolled around Prague taking in some of the sights, including the beautiful St Vitus Cathedral shown in my first photo below, because I looked down at the floor tiles and saw PAHs.  I then started noticing that many of the windows in the old buildings there reflected the basic PAH structure, that of fused aromatic rings.  The more I looked, the more I saw, and the more I PhotogrApHed (my traveling companions, Julie Kowalski, Kristi Sellers, and Hansjoerg Mayer, called me obsessive).  Even some street lamps and cars showed PAHs!  The garden boxes and waste cans were not quite there yet, being only benzene rings, and I even found one biphenyl window…

St Vitus CathedralPAH_01PAH_02PAH_03PAH_04PAH_05PAH_06PAH_07

One Response to “PAHs in PrAHa (PrAgue, CzecH Republic) at RAFA”

  1. jaap says:

    PAH brain deformation hahaha Better watch the food also..

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