Purge and Trap weldment installation

Sometimes we get asked by customers for clarification when installing/connecting a new or replacement weldment from their purge & trap autosampler to their Agilent GC’s split/splitless injection port. As a result, I wrote this post to assist those that may be new to this type of installation or those that simply could use a quick refresher on the topic.

Here are the related products we sell (links below) which will accomplish this task. I had chosen item # 22664 as the product for this example, but the instructions (shown below) should also suffice for the different purge & trap replacement weldments we offer.




To install the new # 22664 (or similar weldment):

1. Remove the current weldment.

2. Connect the two gas lines show by the green arrow in the photo below. Make sure the lines are installed properly. The line labeled as “C” represents carrier gas and the line listed as “P” represents purge gas.

3. Unscrew the nut shown by the red arrow. Connect to the appropriate gas supply fitting on the purge & trap unit. Although a “jumper line” may be needed, this is unlikely (see bottom photo).

4. Connect the transfer line from the purge & trap unit onto the union as shown by the blue arrow. The transfer line is the carrier gas line exiting from the center of the heated jacket.

5. Check for leaks using an electronic leak detector (like # 28500).

6. Cover any exposed tubing with insulation to prevent compound condensation. Verify all gas flows.

And that is all there is to it.

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