Restek Icon Dr. Frank Dorman moves into a new career in education

Last symposium in Rival del Garda, Italy, we had the 2011-jaap-pasfoto4opportunity to say good bye to a mutual friend and well respected colleague, Frank Dorman.  Frank has been working for a long time at Restek corporation and was the roots for developing highly selective stationary phases for GC and LC using modeling techniques.

After the Restek seminar on innovation technologies, an overview of Frank’s career was presented by Jack Cochran, including many of the special situations that seem to occur if you hang out with scientists that do want to combine science with a little laughter.  A little shy, as he is, he was sitting in the back of the room.. But if you know Frank, he is not really shy..

Frank will continue his work in forensics science programs and at Penn. state university where he will be in a teaching role, something Frank wanted to do for a long time.

We definitely have not lost Frank as we will be hearing from him as he remains in the field of GC and definitely will make a presence in future scientific shows.  Keep your ears and eyes open, he’ll be around..

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