Shortcut: QuEChERS EN and Original Methods Protocol


I work with a group of colleagues on a lot of projects that use QuEChERS. For more information about QuEChERS take a look at these A Primer, Beyond the Basics, The Concept.

We developed a quick protocol for performing generic QuEChERS sample preparation during the method development phase of a project. This type of protocol is helpful when we might be working on the same project at different times. I use this kind of protocol sheet to keep myself organized. Some days there are interruptions and I can’t always remember what step in the processes i completed, so I use the protocol as a checklist.

They have become popular here and with customers so I thought I would post this checklist protocol for the EN and Original Unbuffered QuEChERS methods. This describes producing spiked samples at 10 ppb and no spiked samples that are used to determine incurred pesticides as well as for matrix-matched standards. During method development we usually test more than one dSPE formulation. One is the Universal tube and then a second choice that is matched with the specific commodity. There are guidelines on choosing a cleanup tube in the QuEChERS: A Primer article.

I hope this helps get you started…checklist


(Find the AOAC Method protocol here.)


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