Stabilwax Pro-EZGC Library Updated

Recently I blogged about the expansion of Rxi-624 EZGC library, this time I want to focus on an update of Stabilwax. At 462 compounds, this library covers the most searched, such as methanol or xylenes, and requested compounds, such as acetic and formic acid.*
Similar to my last blog, I’d like to show you a comparison between the model and the real analysis:

Fragrance Allergen Standard (#33104) on Stabilwax

One thing you can see (apart from great retention time match between those two) is that there is room for improvement. Let’s run it through EZGC!

The analysis time was reduced from 23 minutes to 7 minutes. That’s the power of EZGC.

*We recommend using Stabilwax-DA for the acid analysis

One Response to “Stabilwax Pro-EZGC Library Updated”

  1. Alan Williams says:

    Thanks for the useful information!

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