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Use Isotope Dilution when Reporting 1,4-Dioxane by EPA Method 8270x

1,4-dioxane results are prone to a low bias when analyzing hazardous waste by methods that incorporate an extract concentration step. Due to its high vapor pressure, 1,4-dioxane is driven off with the extraction solvent (typically dichloromethane). The authors of EPA Method 522 explicitly forbade extract concentration; they saw  losses of over 30% when concentrating their extracts […]

Rapid Screening For Semivolatile Compounds – 144 Compounds in Less than 9 minutes

Last week, I attended Enviro Analysis 2013 in Toronto, Canada with Michelle. She presented a poster highlighting her BFR column trimming work, and gave an oral presentation on some results from a Spring Creek sediment study (a local fly-fisherman’s paradise) done in conjunction with Penn State, featuring the new Rxi-PAH column. I presented a poster featuring the very low detection […]